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- Kandi W.-F.

Brand photographer

"I feel that all coaching is a great form of accountability, and that helps me to follow through on my end. But, to be more specific, coaching with Sara has helped me with so much more as well. It's helped me achieve clarity, confidence, and to gain back control over my life and business. I've had more inquiries and paying clients since I started coaching with Sara, and they've (mostly) been the RIGHT clients for me."

"By having a person outside looking (at) it we can see from a different perspective to know where to shift and what changes to make. I have learned so much from (Sara) in your coaching. Specifically, your teaching style is so helpful. By recognizing patterns and seeing things I don't see it has made me aware (I know there's that word) of areas I need to shift. I like your approach to coaching where you ask me what I want to work on and allow it to be organic with structure."

- Suzy W. 

Habit Change Health Coach

I work with women business owners to clarify their goals, take control of their priorities, and commit to focused, purposeful actions so they can actually get growing.

And who am I to promise that?

Well, like you, I wear a lot of hats!  I am a coach, a small business owner, a teacher, a mom of 2, a wife, a friend, and more... Having all these hats means that I hear you when you say your are busy, and it's hard to get a handle on everything at once!


So why should you work with me?

I have been coaching for over 15 years, and in a variety of settings ranging from school buildings, and corporate sales, to small business. Working in each of these different areas has given me a unique perspective on how to be productive rather than busy, and how to help you to get super clear on your goals and priorities. We'll find the space in your busy days that you need to effectively navigate change and grow your business, even in the face of many, often competing, responsibilities and roles.


My superpowers are using listening and great questions to help you turn big dreams and challenging transitions in to common sense and achievable goals and processes that actual fit you and your business. It's time for you and your business to make real, forward progress.



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