• Sara Torpey

You Know More than You Think!

No matter how much we know, how good we are, how experienced, how expert, we never know it all.

And no matter how much we know, we seem to focus on the fact that we have more to learn.

One of the things I find interesting about people is that we have a funny way of looking at the whole of ourselves and only focusing on the things we are missing. I see this often in the amount of time and energy we spend on worrying over how much more we have more to learn.

As a coach, I work with businesses and business owners who are, to a person, absolutely amazing. They are bright, experienced, smart, and experts in their chosen fields. In our conversations, we talk about victories, and wins, yes, but what I hear more often are the things they feel like they don’t know, and about the ways they feel they are falling short because they still might have something to learn.

But just because you have more to learn doesn’t mean that you don’t know enough to be great at what you’re doing.

When we are stepping out into something new or working to do something different, we’re confronted by all the things we don’t know standing in a line in front of us.

We look out at the line of things and we see a giant task - and then we get scared.

I sometimes imagine it like standing alone on the center line of a football field, with an NFL team lined up on the other side. If that’s what we were really facing, we’d all question what on earth we were doing standing there alone.

But you know what?

You know more than you think. You are better prepared than you give yourself credit for.

In reality, the picture is more likely that you are standing between two teams. Instead of imagining looking out and facing the other team at the center, imagine looking down on your position from above. You are standing facing an NFL team, but you have your very own NFL team all lined up and ready to play right behind you, at your back.

The line behind us is made up of all of the things we have already learned, of our experiences, of our connections and our expertise.

I think that we forget that we have a line standing behind us, ready to battle on our behalf when the time comes. And even if we remember, we don’t give what’s in our line enough credit. We do a great job of convincing ourselves that our line, our team isn’t quite up to the task of taking on that new challenge facing us from the other side.

But it is. You know more than you think.

At worst, what is behind us evenly matches what we’re staring down, getting ready to learn. At best (and really, this is most of the time), we have far more power and know-how standing behind us than we give ourselves credit for. Essentially, it’s like standing on the field facing an NFL team across the line, and having not just your team, but your team and all the other teams in the league standing on your side.

So what’s the lesson here?

It’s short and sweet: You know more than you think you do.

You are more capable than you believe.

You are an expert, and you can stand with confidence wherever you happen to be standing.

You have a wealth of knowledge inside of you built from your skills and your experiences.

They are more than a match for any thing you have to learn.

Yes, there will always be a new goal and a new thing to learn - but that shouldn’t stop you from moving forward right now, today.

One of the things I hear myself saying to clients (and friends!) all the time is something like ‘Give yourself a little more credit. You have SO much expertise…”

And it’s true. It’s true for my friends, for my clients, and for YOU.

No matter what it may be that you are trying to learn right now (and we’re all trying to learn something!), remember that you know more than you think you do. You have a whole line up of knowledge and experience standing right behind you, at the ready for when you need them.

You can do this!

If you need help finding your way through what you need to learn to what you are best at, I can help. Click here to book a free one-on-one conversation!

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