• Sara Torpey

You do NOT have to feel like crap to grow your business...

Here is THE most important thing I can possibly share with you today...

You do NOT have to be miserable to be successful.

It IS possible to make way more money in your business and NOT feel like a terrible person in the process.

***Growing a thriving business that you love AND actually makes money does NOT require you to feel like shit.***

For real.

There are all these things we all feel like we 'have to do' in order to succeed. And you don't NEED any. of. them.

Success does NOT require you to cold message people.

Success does NOT require you to sell your soul, to feel slimy, or feel like you're taking advantage of anyone.


(And anyone that tells you that's how it's done is full of something much worse than baloney.)

And what's worse?

If you are trying to force your business to grow by doing things that feel awful you are doomed to fail.

NOT because YOU are wrong.

And not because you're destined to fail.

No. no. no.

It's because you are getting shitty advice.

It's because 'the experts' don't know YOU and aren't in YOUR business.


You are the expert in your business. You are the expert on YOU.

Business does NOT have to feel like shit.

You CAN grow A LOT by doing things you actually enjoy.

Networking CAN be fun.

Meeting new people CAN happen in ways other than cold dms.

Please. Stop the madness.

Life is too short to spend it being miserable, trying to force yourself to do things that are no fun, and then NOT reaching your goals in the process.

It's not fun, and it's certainly not helping your confidence.

It really CAN be different.

And YOU get to choose how you grow.

Please. Choose what makes sense for YOU.

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