• Sara Torpey

What to do about all those shoulds...and an announcement!

The shoulds? You know them.

You have them, I have them...

They are the endless litany of thoughts in your head telling your all the ways things SHOULD be, but aren't.

All the things you SHOULD do, but don't.

All the ways it's SUPPOSED to work, but doesn't.

Sounds fun, right?

Here's the thing.

Shoulds make us all feel terrible.

They're basically us telling ourselves we're failing. Telling ourselves that we're doing it wrong. And telling ourselves we won't be able to figure it out.


Not only are the shoulds NOT fun, but they're also NOT helping. At ALL.

Sooooo. What the heck do you do with the shoulds?

You turn them DOWN.

Like you turn down the volume on your phone. Waaaay down, all the way to mute.

Sounds simple right?

It is.

There are three steps.

1. Hear the SHOULD. SO often, we tell ourselves we 'should' be doing x, y, or z, and we don't even notice. It's a DEEPLY ingrained habit. The first step is knowing you're doing it.

2. Decide if the should you are hearing is TRUE, and whether it matters. Really. Hear it, and then think 'Hmmm. Should I really be doing it like she does? Is that even true? Does it actually matter how I do this?'

3. Make a PLAN. Once you know what the should is, and you know if it matters or not, then you can figure out how to go from there. What do you WANT to do? How do you WANT to feel? What would it look like if you just did what would be FUN?

That's it.

I know that you are MORE than capable of taking all three of these steps.

But you don't have to do it alone.

If you want help wading through your shoulds? I'm here.

I help clients turn down the shoulds and turn up their TRUST in themselves, so that their businesses can THRIVE right now.

Click here to set up a free 1 hour call to talk about how to do business WITHOUT all the shoulds.

Turning down the volume on the shoulds is one of the THE most important things you can do for yourself as a business owner.

Fewer shoulds = less drama = less time wasted 'figuring things out'

Fewer shoulds = MORE CONFIDENCE


That sounds like way (way!) more fun.

P.S. I'm SO proud to announce the launch of the Teachers in Business podcast!

Episode 1 (Teaching skills ARE business skills!) is live right now - you can listen here, or you can find it on iTunes and Spotify. New episodes will launch most Wednesdays!!

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