• Sara Torpey

How to Decide What to Do Next

One of the things that people tell me ALL the time is that they don't know which thing to do NEXT.

They have a list.

They know there's a LOT to do.

But in the moment, which one matters more?

Which thing do you pick first?

Not only do they not know, but they are pretty sure whatever they pick will be wrong.

There is so much pressure to pick right that sometimes they don't pick at all.


For me, the answer to what to do next is simple.

You start with SOMETHING.

Just pick.

And then there are a few questions to ask yourself about that something that can help you to decide if it is in fact the thing that matters most.

This week I made these questions into this handy-dandy chart.

The next time you're not sure what to do next?

Try this.

For me, it's magic because it does 2 KEY THINGS.

  1. It keeps me constantly tied into my current goal.

  2. It keeps me aware of creating forward progress - even if the progress is tiny.

Hopefully it will do the same for you!


So, after I created this chart I shared it on FB.

And FB went a little crazy.

Which TOTALLY surprised me.

Maybe I should have known...but, well...I didn't.

So I sat down after the fact to evaluate - what happened here, with this chart? Why is it resonating with people, and what does that mean for me?

I had three BIG takeaways.

You can listen to them here:

The most important thing I walked away thinking about was the relationship between simple and genius.

YOUR genius is in the things that are SIMPLE for YOU.

What's simple for YOU is 10000% NOT simple for everyone else... and that's why you are here.

And when you don't share your genius you are holding other people back as a result (WHAT?!).

Yep. You do people a disservice when you don't share your simple genius-ness.

So, here's the deal.

Whatever things you've been sitting on and not sharing, not telling people, not promoting, not shouting from the rooftops because you feel like they're too simple and everyone knows them - it's time to STOP sitting on them.

Simple for you ≠ simple for everyone else.

People need your genius.

They need it NOW.

Go forth and SHARE IT ALL.

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