• Sara Torpey

Guess what? You're a business scientist!

Are you working to grow a business?

Then I have good news!

You, my friend, are a business scientist.

A what??

What does that mean?

It means that you are trying to grow something, and growing things is science.

Which makes you a business scientist.

So, really, how does that work?

Imagine a scientist in her lab. Imagine she has a problem that she's trying to solve (just like you do right now.)

How does she start?

Well, probably, she begins by looking at the problem in front of her, and thinking something like 'What is the problem? What am I trying to solve?'

In business, we do exactly the same thing. When we have a problem, we probably sit down at a desk and ask a question. We ask, 'What is the problem I have, and how do I want to solve it?'

Nine times out of ten it comes down to something like, 'What's my goal, and how am I going to it?'

Then what happens?

In science, the scientist creates a plan.

Maybe she writes out a series of experiments she wants to try.

As she does, she probably considers the conditions she needs, the tools she'll use, the variables she wants to control, and how she'll proceed, step by step.

In business, we do the EXACT same thing. We lay out the actions we'll take to get to our result, to reach our goal. We think about the tools we need, the changes we want to make, and how we'll move forward, step by step.

And once we have a plan? Then what?

The scientist? She DOES the experiments. She picks up her tools and starts to try things out according to the plan. As she goes, she collects data, records observations, and takes notes about the strange things, or questions that come up.

And us? Once again, we do the same. We put our plans into action. And as we work, we collect data, record observations, and take notes about things that we aren't sure about, or that get weird along the way.

And once experiments are finished, or at least finished enough, and the data is collected, the scientist uses it.

She carefully analyzes her data, looks for patterns, and evaluates her results.

In business, once again, we do the same. After we've collected data and observations we can analyze, look for patterns, and evaluate our results.

And if the scientist gets to the end of the action plan, and things didn't work as expected? She doesn't freak out.

Think about it for a sec. Really, why would she?

It's a science experiment - most of the time things don't actually go to plan.

Instead, she expects the unexpected. She looks clinically at what's gone on, and draws conclusions about her current plan.

And, MOST IMPORTATNTLY, she adjusts what she's going to do next, based on the data. US? The business owners? We can also know it's all an experiment. We can look at your results for what they are, and then adjust our plans according to the data.

Growing a business - just like growing anything else - is science.

And just like in a science experiment, if something isn't working out as planned, that doesn't mean there's a problem. It just means it's time to figure out how to ADJUST and keep going.

It's up to the scientist to manage her experiments and make the necessary adjustments, and it's up to us to manage our businesses.

And likely that's easier said than done.

This where a business coach comes


In a science lab, when something isn't going right, the scientist does not just sit at her desk with her head down.

She doesn't skip work for a few days.

She doesn't think "I'm a crappy scientist, I quit. I'll go be a bus driver."

Instead, she takes an action.

Maybe she talks with a colleague.

Or she might reach out to experts in her field.

She may invite in another set of eyes, and ask for their thoughts.

She asks for help. This is how the world of science works.

And the process of solving problems in business is the same as solving problems in science. Yet, somehow, the way it's normal for a scientist to ask for help doesn't always translate into life as an entrepreneur.

As a business owner, when something isn't right, we feel like we have to fix it all on our own. We don't feel like we should 'have to' need anyone else, or that we have the right to help, since we are doing our own thing.

Sometimes we're afraid to invite in another pair of eyes.

Or we might not be comfortable saying that we're not sure what's going wrong. And we might not know who to trust, or to ask for help.

And then? Then you're stuck.

The experiment is not working. You can't seem to solve the problem And you can't figure out why.

So you put your head on your desk. You take a few days off. You think "I'm not cut out for this. I quit. Maybe I'll go drive a bus."

As a business coach, my job is to help you in this moment.

As an outside pair of eyes with experiences in all kinds of businesses, I bring clear thinking, fresh perspective, and a second person fully committed to your success into your business.

I help you to grow your business through science.

My experiences allow me to see things that you may not.

I can see when your experiment is missing steps, when you have forgotten to collect evidence, when you are ignoring data, or when your experiment isn't clearly related to your question (your goals!).

Then, we work together to do the things that enable you to more effectively grow your business.

We plan, we test, we analyze, we evaluate, we conclude, and we revise - together.

And when you feel (once again) like putting your head down on the desk to think "I'm a terrible business owner, I quit. I'll go be a dog walker"?

I'll be with you. I'll be reminding you of the ways you've grown.

I'll be reminding you that that today is one experiment in a long line of plans (and no plan is ever perfect).

And then I'll help that you get up and out of the hole you're trying to sit in, because there's more science to do, and you're meant for more.

This is what I do. I coach business scientists.

Science isn't meant to be done alone - it works better when you collaborate.

The same is true for business.

If you've been trying to grow alone, and it's not going the way you planned, something is up with your science experiment.

It's breaking down somewhere along the way, and it's fixable.

Together, we can identify the issues you are facing, and make the changes you need to effectively grow your business.

If you want to check your science with an expert, let's talk.

Send a message, and we'll set up a time to talk about your current experiments, what's working, what's not, and what to do next to solve today's problems, AND all the ones that might come up next.

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