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What Coaching Should Be...

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

I am a coach.

But I don’t have a program.

I don’t have a ‘system’.

And I don’t have a course.

That’s not what I do. That's not what I think coaching should be.

It's isn’t about what I want to build.

It’s not about building a system and then making you fit into it.

It’s not about creating a program and then assuming it’s what you need.

Coaching is about you.

It’s about your business. Your life. Your dreams. Your challenges. You.

It’s about helping you do what you are best at even better.

It’s about helping you to confront your obstacles, and grow beyond them.

Coaching is about listening.

Listening to your story. Listening to your vision. Really listening to what you are doing, and why it matters to you.

Coaching is about asking questions.

Asking questions to understand. To clarify. To dig deeper. To create connections.

Coaching is about helping.

Helping you to clarify your goals. Helping you to create plans. Helping you to manage time, priorities, and responsibilities.

I am a coach. A coach but I am not here to sell you prepackaged a program, system or course. That’s not to say that I don’t have tools to share. Or strategies. Or a plan.

I have all of those things, and more.

And I’ll happily share those tools, strategies, and ideas...when they fit what you need.

I will build plans, and we’ll work through the steps together...when that approach makes sense for your unique situation.

But I will not make you work through a program that isn’t exactly right for you, or doesn’t meet you where you are, right now.

I will not make you and your business fit into a ‘system’ that may not serve you, or that can’t possibly take full advantage of what makes you you.

I will not sell you a course where only some of what you are buying is actually what you need.

I am a coach.

I am here to work with you.

To hear you.

To ask you questions about what you are building, and figure out what exactly you need in order to grow.

To create plans, together.

To build accountability, evaluate progress, and help you to change course when it makes sense.

To celebrate every step forward, and every win, big and small.

To me, good coaching isn’t about putting you or your business in a box, fitting you into a program, or making you follow a ‘system’.

Good coaching is about collaboration, and about truly understanding you and your business, here and now.

Good coaching is about working together to help you and your business grow to match your dreams.

I know that you are unique. Your business is unique. And I want to help you to thrive.

I am a coach. I am here to help you and your business.

You can book an absolutely free, no strings one-on-one conversation here.

If you have questions, or would like to connect directly, please reach out!

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